CSC 160-2 Lab 9-2 Problem-Solving Lab

This lab consists of two assignments to help you develop your problem-solving skills. You are to solve two problem as described below.


Create a project named LastNameLab9_2 (Substitute your last name). Write code to solve the first problem. For the second problem, right click on the project node, and select New..., then Other..., then Category Java, and file type Java Main Class. Name the new class ProblemB. Type your code for the solution to the second problem in this file. To run it, right-click on the file in the project pane, and select Run File.

Lab9_2A: Persistence of Numbers

Solve Problem 3, Persistence of Numbers, on the 2009 Acca Programming Competition.

Lab9_2B: Out and Under

Solve Problem 7, Out and Under, on the 2009 Acca Programming Competition.

Due Date: Both of these are due Monday of Week 10.