Lab 7-2: Project

Refer to the Problem 1 on the 2007 Acca Programming competition Problem Set2001.doc. Develop a strategy for the skyline problem, and then implement it in Java. However, write the program so that it uses a File chooser to ask the user for a file that contains a single set of data. For example, the sample input shown will appear in the file like this:

    12  5
    10  8
    6 20

That is, each building will be specified by a pair of numbers appearing on a line by themselves. The first number on a line is the width of the building, and the second number is the height.

Make sure you follow the documentation guidelines. Each class and method must be commented, and you should use the Javadoc style of commenting for methods. The code should also be neatly formatted, with braces vertically lined up to make reading easier. Style and documentation will be graded at 15%.

Due Date: Sunday night at the end of Week 8 (February 27).