Running the Program

Executing the program is also called running the program. When you use the IDE to create a program, the IDE creates a skeleton program to get you started. The skeleton does not do much: all it does is display a form. It is not a very interesting program, but let us run it to get a feel for how to run or execute programs.

At the very top of the IDE, there is a menu with entries File, Edit, View, Project, Build, Debug...

Click on Debug and then click on Start Without Debugging to start the execution of the program within the IDE. (Alternatively, you can simply click the Start button on the tool bar.) The program will run, and present a form similar to what you see here:

The form has a title bar at the top: you can grab the form by its title bar and move it around. You can resize the form, and you can close the form by clicking on the small X at the top right corner, or by clicking on the icon in the top left corner and and selecting Close. Closing the form will terminate the program, or stop it from running.

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