CSC 306 Software Development in C++ Group Projects

Selecting a Topic

Students must form groups of 2-3 students, research a project, write an 6-8 page paper, and do an oral presentation of their findings to the class in weeks 9 and 10. The topic must be related to Software Development. I have listed a number of topics below, but you many suggest others. Topics will be assigned to groups on a first come first served basis, by order of arrival of email claiming a topic. If you mean to select a topic from the list below, it might be wise to select several topics and order them in order of preference. The table below will be updated to reflect the assignments of topics to group.

Each group that forms must elect a group leader. The group leader will be the liason between the professor and the group. The group leader will send emails to the professor as needed, and will cc all members of the group on each communication. If you are implementing the first two projects in a different language, you should select a language that you do not already know. In addition, languages that are commonly used in Department courses, such as Java, Python, and C\#, should not be used. Students who have already learned Ruby in the Capstone course may not be on a group that uses Ruby.

Subject to approval, you may suggest other topics in addition to those listed here. In that case, summarize what you think you will learn, and give me the references/URLs to the topic.

Suggested Topics

Topic Presenters Presentation Slot
Reimplement CINC parser in Scala Alan Martinez, Eleas Loukenas, Carolyn Clarke, Austin Podas Tuesday (1)
C++ GUI applications with wxWidgets Michael Loptien, Rolando Medrano, Meagan Moore, Asma Al-Odaini Tuesday (2)
Reimplement CINC parser in Node.js McLean Holmes, Kolev Bozhidar, Alexander Spaulding, Steve Fanega Tuesday (3)
Reimplement CINC parser in Ruby Nathaniel Marcus, Quinn Post, Nathan Holley Thursday (1)
Reimplement CINC parser in Go Dave Mathews, ?, ? Thursday (2)
Unit Testing Tools for Java: JUnit Jack Billings, Taylor Spino, Brett Kentnich Thursday (3)
C++ GUI applications with Qt Nathan Maher, Jackson Kelsch, Xinyuan Liu Thursday (4)