CSC 161 Lab 6-2 Problem Solving Skills Lab

You may work in groups of 1, 2, or 3 on this one.

Do not go online and find a solution for these problems, and in particular, for problem 3, do not use the formula for combinations (n, k). I want you to exercise your problem-solving skills on this one.

Choose one of Problem 3 or Problem 8 from 2004 ACCA Computer Competition . Write a console Java program that solves the problem. Make sure the interaction of the program with the user, and the output it generates, are exactly like what is shown in the example.

For 10% extra credit, solve both problems. You can use the same Netbeans project, just add a new Java Class to the same package, and let the new Java class have its own main method.

This is due Monday of Week 7.