CSC 579 Graduate Assignments

In the table below is a list of topics that I am suggesting for graduate investigation and presentation. No two students may investigate the same topic.

Students may also suggest other topics of interest to them, as long as they are related to computer and network security. Such topics must be approved by me, and will be added to this table, along with the name of the presenter. All students must pick a topic by Wednesday of Week 7.

The graduate assignment deliverables are an 8-10 page paper and a class presentation. the paper is due at least one class period before presentation. The presentation will be 30 minutes long, and should ideally be accompanied with a demonstration of, say, a simple application using the technology under investigation, or by the installation, configuration and use of a related software package. In your presentation, strive to leave the audience with something to "take away": give them some sort of idea how to get started using the technology you investigated.

Any student who is ready to present should let me know and I will schedule that student for class-time presentation. All students who have not presented by the end of the term will be scheduled for one of the last two class meetings.

Topics will be assigned on the basis of first-come-first-served. You can claim topics by email. You may list your preferences in order from first to last, in case one of the topics has been claimed by an earlier email, and I will assign you the highest preference still available.

Topic Presenter Time Slot
Intrusion Detection and Prevention (SNORT?)
Stenagraphy Alain Ndayishimiye Thursday (1)
RFID Security Patrick Murphy Tuesday (3)
Spam Detection and Spam Filters Jacob Aufderheide Tuesday (1)
Network Authentication Protocols and Kerberos Wei Huang Thursday (3)
Virtual Private Networks Michael Doucette Thursday (2)
Security Issues in Cloud Computing Travis Williams Tuesday (2)

You may also select a paper from the security literature, read it, and make that the subject of your presentation. In the paper you write, you will have to expand on the paper you read, filling in details that you originally did not understand and you had to learn in order to understand the paper. A good place to start your search is here .

All papers should cite references from the literature in a bibliographic section at the end.

Papers will be graded on technical content, as well as the quality of writing. You are welcome to submit a sample (portion) of the paper for me to look over at least a week before submission for feedback on your writing.